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. Ring of Terror - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ring of Terror is a black-and-white 1962 film. 13: RING OF TERROR - James Cairncross - "Opus" (1962) Just like in that song, what day of X-Mas was it when they gave away the 5 rings of terror? Must have been a Friday or Saturday night cause the joint, I. Moffit (George B. Ring of Terror FULL MOVIE Thriller 1962.mp4 - YouTube Browse videos from the previous page, including the homepage feed, channel videos and search results. Mather), who finds unimaginable. A college med student's final fraternity initiation goes wrong when he's assigned to retrieve a gold ring from a cadaver he had recently performed an autopsy on. A medical student. Ring of Terror (1962) - IMDb Med student Lewis Moffitt harbours a secret fear of the dark stemming from a traumatic childhood incident involving a corpse. Nonetheless, he pretends to be. Ring of Terror - YouTube In this early '60s drama that serves as an expose to the problem of campus hazing, a undergrad who is deathly afraid of dead bodies must remove a ring from the finger. It was featured in the sixth episode of the second season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K). Mystery Science Theater 3000: Ring of Terror | Netflix The much-mocked screen of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 glows with the story of fearless medical student Lewis B. Ring of Terror - MST3K Wiki - Mystery Science Theater 3000 Ring of Terror at the Internet Movie Database; Ring of Terror at Wikipedia; preceded by: Season 1: MST3K Season 2: followed by: Season 3: 1990 - 1991 201: Rocketship X-M: "Mystery Science Theater 3000" Ring of Terror (TV episode 1990

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